PornHub Wants You to Give Your Mom VR Glasses for Mother’s Day

If you’re like us, you probably forgot that Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away, meaning you may need to come up with a quick gift idea. Subsequently, PornHub has everyone covered who wants to go the non-traditional route.

The adult entertainment company in turn wants you to give your mom VR glasses so she can enjoy some porn for Mother’s Day. Dubbed “Mommy’s Special Glasses,” the pair of free VR glasses comes in the form of a greeting card.

“Mother’s Day is the one of the biggest gift buying days of the year and the one time each year when we can truly provide our mothers with unadulterated love. After all, none of us would be here without them. While most of us have been going the generic gift giving route – sending cards or flowers or phoning in long distance calls – we thought it apropos to provide our fans with the option to gift them with the one thing every mother wants but is too afraid to ask for – porn,” said Corey Price, VP, PornHub. “With Mommy’s Special Glasses our fans can now offer their mothers a unique gift that provides them access to VR content courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment platform. Here at PornHub we can think of no better way to thank and give back to all the moms out there for all their love, affection, advice and unwavering support.”

As of today you can visit to order a free pair of VR glasses, each of which is conveniently adorned with a URL to a special site where mothers can enjoy the specially curated VR content directly onto their smartphones, thus allowing them blow off some of the stress that comes from being a mom.