Swizz Beatz Teases New Jay Z Music

What are Swizz Beatz and Jay Z up to? A couple of clues point to some new music from the pair being imminent. Yesterday on Instagram, Swizz posted an image of himself and Jay with a couple of captions (“They don’t even know what’s about to happen” and “Album ModeZone”), which would strongly suggest that at least one of them, and possibly both, are at work on a new project.

A couple of days before that Swizz sent out a late night tweet from the studio with a similar message, although it made no mention of who he might be working with, and the Instagram post it linked to has been deleted.

Additionally, Jay Z was just added as headliner to the Austin City Limits festival, which goes down this October. That means Jay will be performing at a minimum of two big festivals this year, not including his own Made In America event, scheduled for August. As we all know, Jay doesn’t usually show his face at too many big events such as this unless he has something to promote, and it’s been an open secret for some months now that he’s been plotting a new album. Whether or not that project is what Swizz is teasing here remains to be seen.