Facebook Will Debut 24 Original Shows

With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo all well established in the market of original television shows and streaming, Facebook refuses to be left behind after a recent announcement declaring the company is planning to release 24 shows over the next couple of months. Out of the 24, Business Insider reports the network plans on having two different types of shows: one group of longer, large-scale programs with ample amounts of money for production and shorter segments of about 10 minutes per episode that would refresh every 24 hours.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to implement services made popular by other companies. First, there was Facebook live streaming, designed as a direct competitor for other platforms like Twitch and Periscope. Most recently, Facebook has tried to implement a “Stories” feature into its messaging app, allowing a Snapchat-like experience for its users.

With a network of over 2 billion people, it will be interesting to see how Facebook handles the launch and how they decide to carry out their plans. Will there be a subscription cost for the service? Will they be able to attract the attention of A-list celebrities? Will “Facebook and Chill” catch on? Let us know what you think Facebook’s video service will be like.