Floyd Mayweather Slams Current Rap Scene

In a recent discussion with DJ Whoo Kid, boxer Floyd Mayweather took a stab at the current rap scene. During the interview, Mayweather also claimed that he nearly signed Future to a record deal back in 2016 and shrugged off questions about his relationship with 50 Cent. When asked about his potential fight with Conor McGregor, the retired boxer kept his focus on the business side of things, continuing to leave the future of the fight to speculation. Listen to the discussion above and let us know what you think. During the interview, Mayweather stated:

“Now it’s OK to be a junkie, this is crazy that it’s OK to O.D. on drugs, it’s OK to take any drugs now, it’s OK to be a junkie. And the legendary rappers like to stick to what they talk [about]. When you go back and really listen to the legendary rappers, this is timeless music. Guys like Biggie, guys like Pac, timeless music.”