2 Chainz New ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ Pop-Up Hits NYC

Today the former Playaz Circle member had his moment to shine when he launched a brick-and-mortar pop-up in support of his forthcoming album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, releasing June 16. The Atlanta native also revealed plans to house the store online starting tomorrow, though the available product will only be live in 24 hour blocks.

Located in New York’s well-heeled SoHo area, the physical space predictably drew a line of eager fans, and of course, resellers. And if there’s one thing entertainers and their teams are smart about it’s understanding the nature of trends – pop-ups are obviously a huge one right now. That said, the “Birthday” rapper certainly followed in the footsteps of artists like Justin Bieber  who have also partnered with multi-displinary creatives on exclusive product runs. In this instance, Chainz tapped Trevor Andrew (aka GucciGhost) to help him realize both the store vision and creative around his album.