New York’s revered ladies of freestyle known for their dance club hits, Featuring 6pm freestyle dance class with Conrad Rochester.



Judy Torres

Judy Torres grew up in the Bronx, to the pulsating sounds of the vibrantly diverse community. These significant vibra7/13 tions made a clear impact on her upbeat musical style, as she took freestyle to a whole new, energetic level. She quickly burst onto the club scene, with the love-effusive, catchy dance-anthems “Please Stay Tonight,” “Come into My Arms,” “Love Story,” “I Love You, Will You Love Me,” and “No Reason to Cry.” Her first album, 1989’s Love Story, is a freestyle compendium of epic proportions. Her second release, 1992’s My Soul, was exuberantly absorbed by both fans and critics, with the female-empowering single “Every Little Lie” leading the way. Around this time Torres began hosting “Freestyle Free for All,” a radio show on WKTU 103.5, that brought freestyle to a whole new audience. She claimed back the clubs in 2001, when her song “Back in Your Arms Again” sizzled dance floors across the country. Torres then put out the single “The Air I Breathe” in 2004, a Hi-NRG mega-jam. Her 2005 Journey cover “Faithfully” exploded the airwaves, and was the #1 requested song on KTU. Forging forward with music with a cause, she released “Hell, No,” an anthem for abused women in 2008. Getting back to her radio roots, she has rejoined KTU as one of the most beloved radio personalities of today.


Cynthia Todino, known by the mononym Cynthia, is one of the top names to come out of the late 80’s/early 90’s freestyle movement. Her breed of dance-pop fits into the criterion of hugely popular Latin freestylers from this period, but stands out as her synth-backed tracks pulse with emotionally heartfelt vocals. Her premiere album, Cynthia, hit the scene with the breakout single “Change On Me.” She then quickly released 1990’s Cynthia II, a hit-single packed success. A perennial chart-topper, she is best remembered for her hits “Dreamboy/Dreamgirl” (with Johnny O), “Break Up to Make Up” (both off Cynthia II) and “If I Had the Chance” (from 1999’s Thinking of You), which peaked at numbers 53, 70 and 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. In 2005, she recorded a duet piece with fellow freestyle champion and longtime friend Lisette Melendez entitled “I Can’t Change Your Mind,” and recently put out “Starlight” in 2016. Cynthia still hits the stage with the same energy embodied in her early dance-pop masterpieces, bringing a positively poppy vitality that is hard to match.