IKEA and Swedish House Mafia, two titans of Scandinavian culture, are collaborating on a collection of music-inspired furniture and homeware. Under the influence of the house music trio, IKEA’s iconic Frakta bag looks a little different. The beloved blue carryall is now black, devoid of any and all color (did it start shopping at Hot Topic?), and sized to fit up to 100 vinyl records. Further “remixing” the famous shopper, the musicians worked with the homegoods giant to design a carrier for cables, cords, and other electronic music accessories, as well as a crossbody bag for headphones and a laptop.

According to a press release, IKEA and Swedish House Mafia will unveil the rest of the collection — including over 20 furniture pieces and “smart home furnishing solutions” — during Milan Design Week before hitting stores in September.

IKEA Frakta