There are dozens of adidas x Gucci hats, blousons, shirts, track pants, jumpsuits, skirts, bags, sandals, and Gazelle sneakers, to name but a few. Despite only being the adidas x Gucci collaboration’s first drop, there’s a massive selection on hand. released on June 7 via Gucci’s website, adidas CONFIRMED app and will shortly be taking the globe via a series of adidas x Gucci pop-up shops. It ought to surprise no one that the collaboration’s prices keep more in line with Gucci‘s inclinations than adidas.

Bags range from $1,350 for a small shoulder pouch to a $3,900 duffle bag, sized perfectly to carry one’s tennis rackets from clubhouse to court, while the 11 collaborative adidas Gazelle sneakers weigh in at $850 apiece. Similarly, hats start at $560, belts $630, T-shirts $700+, hoodies $1,400, and some of the jackets reach $2,700 or more. But who could have expected anything less of the impressive spread? You don’t get an all-over Gucci monogram for cheap.