Futura’s Latest Edition of Pointman

From graffiti to incense chambers, fashion shows to limited-edition posters — Futura’s Pointman has orbited the far throes of culture over the past 50 years. Last year, AllRightsReserved partnered up with legendary New York street artists on a sculptural iteration of the character dubbed FL-006. The artwork quickly sold out and is currently priced on the secondary market for up to $4,800 USD.

Limited to an edition of 250, FL-003 sizes in at 2.6 feet tall, 1.7 feet wide with a 1.3-foot depth. The sculpture comes certified with an NFC chip of authenticity and will only be available via raffle through the DDTStore for $1,949 USD. Each customer can enter the draw only once. Winners will be announced on June 13.