UNIQLO Releases Its Seventh Edition of LifeWear Magazine

Drawing on its “Today’s Classics” theme, the latest LifeWear magazine heads to London to fill it’s opening fashion feature pages with some of the city’s intrinsically smart fall styles. From trench jackets to duffle coats, it places the inspired FW22 collection on a selection of everyday city goers.

The magazine also finds UNIQLO’s simple and ageless philosophy in the English countryside as it visits the minimalist architecture of John Pawson’s Cotswolds retreat. Built in 1610, it looks at how the illustrious architect distilled the character of a rugged villa while keeping a timeless look in its renovation – a vivid approach that the retailer takes in its fall design.

In addition to the content of the British classic, readers can flick through pages developed in collaboration with French periodical L’étiquette and Uniqlo U, as well as an interview with designer Maiko Kurogouchi who has announced her fourth collection with UNIQLO and Olympics gold medalist Ayumu Hirano who serves as the brand’s global ambassador.

UNIQLO LifeWear magazine Issue 07 will be distributed in stores and published on Kindle from September 2. UNIQLO stores around the globe including New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo flagship stores will also install special immersive displays showcasing key elements from the seasonal collection and magazine. For more, head to LifeWear Magazine’s special website and shop the new FW22 range on UNIQLO’s website.