Air Jordan 1 by Ceeze

New York-based creative studio Ceeze is keeping busy. Most recently, it has been focusing its attention on positively affecting environmental impacts through its fashion and sneaker upcycling projects — best seen with its “Victory” chair that features over 30 pairs of Air Jordans within the wooden structure. Now, Ceeze is presenting its new Tiffany Nautilus 5711-inspired Air Jordan 1.

Taking direct inspiration from the Tiffany x Patek Phillipe Nautilus — which featured on the wrist of Jay-Z and went on to sell for $6.5 million USD — Ceeze has sourced silver lizard leather to emulate the stainless steel band that bridged the Nautilus’ infamy. And while the 5711 1A-018 edition remains the main point of reference for the design, each of the limited, made-to-order sneakers uses the same “Tiffany Blue” hue that coats the face of the Patek for its suede lateral mid-panel, toe cap, and ankle. Rounding off the design, the customary Swoosh is coated in solid white.

You can have a closer look at the Nautilus 5711 (1A-018) Air Jordan 1 by Ceeze above and only 10 pairs are available now on the official Ceeze website for $3,050 USD.