AAPE Collaboration with Dr. Martens 1401

Another Dr. Martens 1401 collaboration, this time alongside AAPE, the sibling of serial DM collaborator A Bathing Ape (BAPE).

Since its founding in 2012, AAPE has been BAPE’s platform for exploration, a line that’s seen it experiment with various signature elements through a lens aimed at newer and younger generations. Now, for the first time, AAPE can soon boast a DM collaboration of its own (September 16, to be precise), as it reworks the brand’s timeless 1461 silhouette in both black and olive green variations.

But, no matter how many different brand motifs it adorns, how many color variations it takes on, a DM shoe remains instantly recognizable thanks to its unique build – and not just because of the yellow welt stitching.

For this collab, AAPE has taken the three-eye shoe and reworked it with smooth leather, which has then been embossed with its Moonface logo and “SOMEWHERE IN THE AAPE UNIVERSE”.