G-SHOCK’s Full Metal 2100 Line

The beloved 2100-line watches don a full-metal construction with analog functionality. G-SHOCK’s standard toughness is replete with its shock-resistant structuring, and the built-in, resilient and film-like Tough Solar panel provides a large-capacity rechargeable battery, drawing light sources from dim environments. You can set up to five alarms, in addition to nifty specs like a countdown timer, Phone Finder, automatic time adjustment and world time in up to 38 cities (and up to 300 with the CASIO Watches App). Each model provides a hand shift feature and multilingual date and month displays, depending on your preference. In line with previous GA-2100 And GM-2100 units, the Full Metal 2100 series retains a slim profile, measuring a mere 12.8mm in thickness and weighing approximately 165g.

G-SHOCK achieves a streamlined facade despite its solid metal construction through high-density mounting in efforts to consolidate its tech-heavy circuit board structure. To ensure the Tough Solar panel is resistant to shock and exterior force, G-SHOCK equips each watch with a three-pronged mechanism employed at the lugs of the case. Meticulously-attuned interior buffering components within the intricately-shaped face and screw-back case mitigate and disperse shock. As with all G-SHOCK offerings, the range presents 200-meter water resistance and incorporates a Super Illuminator LED for high visibility in low-light environments. If you’re itching for an appealing watch with impressive SMART functionality in a sleek and contemporary design language, head to G-SHOCK’s website to learn more about the Full Metal 2100 range. The range showcases a culmination of G-SHOCK’s leading technological advancements in recent years and materializes the label’s rugged, toughness in a refined and minimalist presentation. Full Metal 2100 watches retail between $550 and $600 USD.