Fossil Watch – Become The Batman Collection

If you’re in the market for a new timepiece, you might want to have your attention diverted towards Fossil. Watch fans of all experience and knowledge levels would have heard of the brand. Right now, it’s geared for a series of limited-edition, themed releases that pair iconic franchises with its versatile watches.

Unlike the Pokémon collection, which opted for more of a contemporary style to match the bright optics of the anime, Batman, naturally, is afforded a more classic, archival style of watch. The Batman watch set comes complete with a limited-edition matte black watch and four interchangeable straps alongside a limited gold-tone IP edition (limited to 100 pieces), which features a utility belt-inspired bracelet.

Fossil’s franchised collaborative collections are seemingly standard, but watches are only the foundation. For those looking to build a well-rounded Gotham-themed accessory collection, the leather goods assortment includes a limited-edition two-strap backpack, wallet, card holders, metal key chains, and pins. The color pallet has been cherry-picked from the iconic classic Batman animated show, presenting blue, yellow, grey, and black for these pieces. All of the above options are ready to shop online now via Fossil’s online store.