MSCHF Sells 1,000 Keys For 1 Shared Mystery Car

Located somewhere in New York City. Following the release of unconventional objects such as Gobstomper sneakers in collaboration with Jimmy Fallon, billionaire-themed popsicles, and Tiffany & Co. participation trophies, MSCHF is back with a brilliantly nonpractical concept dubbed the Key4All. Described as a shift from Universal Basic Car to Public Universal Car, MSCHF has “rebuilt the entirety of ZipCar with a fleet of one single vehicle,” selling 1,000 keys that all unlock the same car.

In true Grand Theft Auto fashion, “the car is transient and un-ownable, a journey and temporary blessing,” writes MSCHF. “It is a contest without the security of victory. If you find the car, it is yours. But if you want to enjoy the fruits of your victory and drive, then you must accept the risk of taking the car out in the world–that another driver-errant may snatch the vehicle out from under you.”

To find the car, drivers can call MSCHF’s car location hotline (+1 337-539-4255) which offers hints at its whereabouts in New York City. When the key fob comes into close proximity with the mystery car, its green LED will also light up. The specific look and model of the vehicle have yet to be determined, though the collective promises that it’s a fun-to-drive classic with turbo. MSCHF hopes that the social experiment will last “forever,” or until the car is destroyed or impounded.

“The car is promiscuous in the way only a body or a home can be,” MSCHF continues. “The Key4All car is the uncleaned roadside motel of cars. And yet, it is your car–all of you.”

The Key4All is available now on the MSCHF website for $19 USD.