Amazon “Halo Rise” Bedside Sleep Tracker

Amazon has officially revealed its all-new “Halo Rise,” a bedside sleep tracker, wake-up light, and smart alarm. With privacy concerns in mind, the device is able to perform its duties without needing a camera or microphone, using contactless sensors to sense movement from only the primary user close to it and only when that person is trying to fall asleep.

Using machine learning, the Halo Rise recognizes sleep stages and looks to wake you up in the morning at the lightest stage of sleep using a gradual brightening glow for optimum restfulness. The device can also keep track of environmental data in the room including the temperature, humidity, and brightness which can be referenced when analyzing sleep quality under different conditions. Additionally, Halo Rise can be integrated with Alexa, featuring functions such as designated personal wake-up songs and setting routines such as automatically dimming the light at certain times for meditation.

The Halo Rise will be available later this year for USD 139.99, which includes a six-month Halo membership.

Amazon "Halo Rise" Bedside Sleep Tracker