G-Shock Previews Its 40Th Birthday Collection

Things are heating up over at Casio’s G-SHOCK. As the iconic brand hurtles towards its 40th anniversary, celebratory proceedings take priority. Four decades in the game, knocking it out of the park with industry-leading shock-resistant timepieces marked by the launch of the Flare Red Series. Caution – hot to touch! Four decades is no small celebration. Surviving that long amongst the volatility of changing trends and the shifting tastes of generations takes not only strong, trusted branding, but products that actually perform and deliver to a high standard.

With G-SHOCK, Casio ticks all those boxes while crafting a cult cultural icon that’s been celebrated across fashion and design. For the first of what will be many a birthday celebration, G-SHOCK looks beyond earth toward the engine at the center of our world – the sun, of course. More specifically, it sets its sights on the volatile beauty of solar flares to refit two of its most iconic watches.

On offer are a set of beasts with price tags that reflect their meaty builds. First up is the MTG-B3000FR-1AER, which is hand-assembled in Yamagata, Japan. The second is the GWG-2040FR-1AER or Mudmaster, which is a solar-powered piece built to strike the muck and come out the other end unscathed.

Both options (which arrive online at G-SHOCK on October 27) feature rich “Flare Red” bezels on black foundations, resulting in watches that are eye-catching from afar, but intensify the closer you get.