STÜSSY Holiday 2022 Collection

Such is the unpredictability of winter, Holiday ‘22 — which lands online on November 4 — is well-equipped for any weather. From its condition-ready bomber jackets, and hoodies, to it mix of technical outerwear, loose-fit pants, and vests, Stüssy has it covered — all with reimagined takes on the label’s iconic motif, alongside.

While it might be Stüssy’s collaborations that often grab the headlines — Converse, Nike, and Tekla, to name just a few — pieces within its mainline collections have been in high demand too, most notably of late its 8-ball sherpa which has become TikTok’s hottest trend.

In recent weeks, videos of TikTokers playing with the Stüssy sherpa have accumulated countless likes, comments, and views, which has since seen the jacket sell-out everywhere online, despite Stüssy’s seemingly non-existent marketing around it. Whether it’s the 8-ball sherpa, Holiday ‘22, or, basically, any collaboration from the past few years, Stüssy’s excellence remains on show for all to see. And, to be honest, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.