Nas and Hit-Boy Unveil Music Video for ‘King’s Disease III’ Cut “Michael & Quincy”

Interspersed between footage of Nas are subtle tributes to the iconic legends the song is named after, such as a quick flick of Jackson performing his famed moonwalk on a staticky television screen.

“Nasty like Mike on the vocals, I overdub it / Bouncin’ off the wall, always startin’ somethin’,’” Nas raps. “Behind the scenes of the “Thriller” video, big budgets / Moonwalkin’, smooth criminal talkin.’”

Jackson and Jones worked on three albums together, making this a fitting track to be included on Nas and Hit-Boy’s third King’s Disease collaboration, King’s Disease III. The album debuted on November 11, following 2020’s King’s Disease and last year’s King’s Disease II.

Watch the music video for Nas and Hit-Boy’s King’s Disease III.