Preview of JJJJOUND and BAPE Collaboration

Revealed on JJJJound’s Instagram page in a December 27 post, the news of the Canadian studio’s 2023 BAPE collab is more unexpected than the actual sneakers. Some accompanying apparel couldn’t hurt, though; it wouldn’t be out of character for JJJJound to issue another round of collaborative hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatpants with BAPE to complement the BAPESTAs.

2022 was a heavy year for JJJJound’s shoes drops, as the company truly embraced its role as a collaborative sneaker magnate. JJJJound jjjjoined with everyone from PUMA and New Balance to ASICS and Reebok, each time introducing an ultra-understated, normal pair of shoes that instantly sold out. And there’s presumably still more to come in 2023 beyond even the BAPE collab if JJJJound’s rumored Adidas Sambas are to actually see the light of day.