KAWS Drops A Cashmere Blanket with House of Voltaire

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS has worked alongside the London art and design store House of Voltaire to create a limited-edition range of cashmere blankets. Each of the blankets has been created by master craftspeople in Scotland, using a double-sided knitting technique. On one side is the KAWS artwork, and on the other, a birds-eye pattern. The cashmere is soft to the touch, but the knit renders it weighty – resulting in a luxurious, heavyweight feel.

The new collection marks the second collaboration between KAWS – also known as Brian Donnelly – and House of Voltaire, which is an off-shoot brand to the wider Studio Voltaire platform. Since its founding in 2010, many major artists have been enlisted to create pieces for the store, including the likes of Hurvin Anderson, Rose Wylie, Rachel Whiteread, Laure Prouvost, and Jonas Wood. Studio Voltaire itself began in 2004, and functions as a not-for-profit organization. Its name derives from the studio’s first space on Voltaire Road, in London’s Clapham, where the founding collective of 12 artists developed a vision for providing affordable and accessible support and studio spaces to a diverse range of individual and collective practices. Follow The Drop NYC For Updates.