Lil Yachty Drops “Department of Mental Tranquility” Skit Ahead of Forthcoming Album

In anticipation of his fifth studio album, Let’s Start Here, Lil Yachty has released a new skit titled “Department of Mental Tranquility.” Aside from music, the new work showcases the rapper’s creative vision and evolution. The eerie thriller-style video opens with Lil Yachty arriving at the Department of Mental Tranquility and is quickly asked what time of treatment he’s life to receive that day. As the receptionist begins to badger him with a slew of questions, the waiting room full of erratic characters scream, squirm, cry, and panter in distress. Also throughout the skit are Awakening posters that read: “Awakeness is a place, awakening is a moment. Come with us out of the cave, into the light of day. INTO GRACE.”

After accepting the treatment,Lil Yachty walks down a monochromatic hallway and into a mysterious room bathed in bright white light. Following the rapper’s 2020 album Lil Boat 3, Let’s Start Here is set to release on Friday, January 27. Check out the skit on and Follow The Drop NYC For Updates.