“The Greatest Story Ever Worn” Levi’s Celebrates 150 Years of the 501 Jeans

The story of the 501 Originals started with Jacob Davis his workwear innovation of copper rivets on canvas trousers. Taking the idea to Levi Strauss, the duo then worked collaboratively on denim and duck canvas iterations, which they patented in 1873, thus, officially launching the 501 jeans.

More recently, Levi’s has continued to provide top-quality denim that has become a mainstay in all facets of fashion; from contemporary to technical and streetwear through various collaborations and projects. For example, the denim specialist has teamed up with the likes of Corbin Shaw, who developed a large-scale installment to outline memories of his life in London across a map, and Denim Tears, who iced out Levi’s 501s with Swarovski crystals.

Now, Levi’s latest campaign takes its brand back to basics and outlines what its jeans have been designed for all along, classic, everyday functionality that is loved and worn for a lifetime. With this in mind, the accompanying visuals for the campaign — that you can see above — capture Levi’s fans attending a funeral in their favorite pair of 501s, as requested by the dearly departed, to tell “The Greatest Story Ever Worn.”

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