Floyd Mayweather Wore a Million Dollar Diamond Hat to the Davis-Garcia Fight

Mayweather sported a $1 million USD diamond hat to watch Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia face off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. That day, Mayweather wore an all-black outfit paired with multi-million dollar worth of jewelry. On his person, Mayweather sported a $1 million USD chain he acquired in February from celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang including other iced-out chains as well. However, the one that made the biggest headlines was his diamond-encrusted hat featuring a total of $1 million USD in gems.

The hat was designed and made by another celebrity jeweler by the name of Shuki International. It was reported that that the jewelry took a month to make the million-dollar hat for the boxer, placing “invisible diamonds” all over it. The hat, which features the logo of Mayweather’s brand “The Money Team,” apparently went through an arduous process to get the hat looking just right. According to the jeweler, he had to make a mold and sandblast and shine it so that it would be perfect for Mayweather’s head. Shuki confirmed, “There’s only one in the world. It’s become historical — it’s Floyd Mayweather.” The jeweler now also estimates the hat to sell for over $5 million USD if it ever hit the auction block, Follow The Drop NYC For Updates.