R&B-Rap Musician Jim Legxacy Drops His Essential New Mixtape ‘HNPM’

Rising UK musician Jim Legxacy has just dropped a brand new mixtape titled HNPM and it sees the London-based star mix his alternative R&B and rap influence with an underlying pop sound to create one of the most essential listens of the year so far.

Diving into the music game in 2018 when Legxacy released his first tracks online, the musician — who was homeless when he first started dropping music — has kept up an impressive line of consistency, releasing a slew of hit records such as “Hit It Light It Twist It” and “Eye Tell (!),” all while garnering attention from some of the UK’s most respected rhymers, such as Stormzy, Dave, and Headie One.

At the beginning of April, Legxacy announced that he would be releasing his new mixtape HNPM (homeless n***a pop music), and now the project has fully surfaced. Comprising of 12 songs, it bundles together all of the records he has released over the last year, while also including seven new tracks.

The mixtape is a look into Jim Legxacy’s diary. From stories about living on the streets to some of the unforgiving tales that come alongside London’s street politics, Legxacy has added a polished, yet sometimes rugged, shine onto some of Britain’s realist struggles.

Through the use of hard-hitting rhymes merged with soothing R&B melodies, Afrobeats are also used to underpin a series of unexpected samples — such as a quick-fire version of the Hannah Montana theme tune — to create one of the most well-rounded UK mixtapes of the year so far.

The mixtape is available to stream in its entirety and you can also check out some visuals for Jim Legxacy’s “Old Place” .