Sony PlayStation Rumored to Introduce “Q-Lite” Portable Console

A potential follow-up to the PSP and PlayStation Vita. According to reports, Sony PlayStation is now rumored to be introducing a new portable console. Reportedly a sequel to the PSP and PlayStation Vita, the potential handheld gaming device is now currently codenamed, “Q-Lite.” No imagery has surfaced just yet, but tech insiders like Wccftech have offered mock-ups in line with PlayStation’s current aesthetic.

Sony PlayStation Rumored to Introduce "Q-Lite" Portable Console - thedropnyc

Although nothing has been confirmed just yet, the Q-Lite from the Japanese tech company could feature cloud-based features that sync up with the Sony PlayStation 5. Reports are noting that the handheld console could feature an eight-inch LCD display with a wide aspect ratio, potentially 16:9, and a chip that would deliver high-quality images and high-speed Wi-Fi, most likely Wi-Fi 6E. The Q-Lite would likely come in as a major competition in the handheld gaming market and is said to arrive as soon as November 2023, but a later release date seems more likely.

Pricing is believed to fall between $200 and $300 USD, stay tuned for more details regarding Sony PlayStation’s potential Q-Lite portable console. Follow The Drop NYC For Updates.

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