The YEEZY SEASON 10 news quietly broke as much of today’s Kanye news does sudden uploads from Kanye fan pages. Given that Kanye has been banned from Twitter and deleted his own Instagram page (again), little wonder that he’d turn to his most ardent supporters to do free PR work on his behalf.

Consisting of two barren Notes app messages offering little beyond a date, time, location, and look (“YZY Casting Models With Shaved Heads”), the April 27 YEEZY SEASON 10 casting call still managed to draw substantial, newly-bald crowds to the Los Angeles artist lofts where Kanye was seen overseeing the casting.

Since early 2023, Kanye has laid low, mostly shunning social media and self-isolating while licking his wounds over the justified criticism that followed him in the wake of his anti-Semitic outbursts.

YEEZY SEASON 10 will likely be Kanye‘s attempt to leap back into the spotlight and, unfortunately, it’ll probably give him the massive visibility boost he craves. It just goes to show that you can’t ever properly shun anyone as rich and well-known as Kanye, even when they truly do deserve it. Follow The Drop NYC For Updates.