Hip-hop inspired girls apparel label Mynority Classics shows us an alternative way to have fun without the use of electronic gadgets. Legends in the hip-hop scene are brought to life on these playing cards. One side of the cards feature the caricatures of famous rappers, such as Slick Rick, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Public Enemy, Big… Read More MYNORITY CLASSICS X SAYORI WADA – HIP HOP PLAYING CARDS

Sony Cybershot TX55

Sony Cybershot TX55 Digital Camera

Sony presents the new Cybershot TX55 digital camera, the world’s thinnest antishake camera. While we have been concentrating on the latest micro 4/3 cameras for the most part, it is always nice having a thin and powerful, as well as light, companion with you at all times. The new TX55 seems to perfectly fit that profile. The 16.2 megapixel camera can shoot HD and 3D video and shoots impressive 12 megapixel images while filming video. Other great features include the thin OLED touchscreen, waterproof features, and just overall image quality.

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Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

rolex hillary tenzing explorer package 0 Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the sons of Sir Edmund and Tenzing, present the complete collection of their customized Rolex Explorer watches. Even though not officially affiliated with Rolex, the two pay tribute to the great mountaineering quests of their fathers.

The Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Package consists of a handcrafted wooden crate, as used during the 1953 British expedition and comes with 4 drawers, each containing custom made items commemorating the successful Everest expedition and 3 Rolex Explorer watches. All three watches have the unique HTE (Hillary Tenzing Explorer) feel, telling the stories of these great adventures.

The watch line-up includes the HTE 36mm, the same version that was worn by the original expedition participants, the HTE 39mm, which stands for Sir Edmund and Peter Hillary, two generations making the expedition. The last 42mm HTE, is the latest version of the watch by Rolex, customized and standing for Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the sons.

The vintage looks, small details, leather straps and just overall concept of this project are very impressive. It seems like a very meaningful way to customize a Rolex, rather than just simply turning it black or adding wild colors to it.

Priced at 28′800 Euros, you can pre-order the package now from the official HTE website.

More images of the watches and the pack follow after the jump.

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Incase Audio Headphone Collection Coming Fall 2011

Incase Audio Headphone Collection Coming Fall 2011

Incase today announces the Fall 2011 launch of their new Audio division – a line of headphones. As with all things Incase, the design is of course very much on point and super clean. Their first range for Fall 2011 will include 4 headphones styles, making sure that you can get a pair for whatever need you might have.

“The audio collection for Fall 2011 will comprise of four headphone models: Sonic Over Ear, Reflex On Ear, Pivot On Ear and Capsule In Ear. Each model features custom-tuned audio drivers that have been engineered to accurately reproduce the source audio for a natural, balanced response across the entire audio spectrum.

The natural acoustics of Incase headphones are mirrored by their physical design. Specifically designed to match the natural shape of the ear and head, Incase headphones deliver better sound isolation to reduce unwanted external noise. A wide range of adjustment and fully articulating earcups allow virtually anyone to obtain a custom fit. The seamless design uses hidden joints to maintain smooth contours for a low-profile understated appearance while the unique combination of matte soft-touch and gloss finishes offers a subtle visual appeal. In addition, each model features an integrated microphone and remote control for use with Apple devices.”

We will of course keep you posted on the official first release. For now, check out the various headphones in more detail after the jump.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 Digital Camera

Panasonic remains to be one of the most popular brands in the micro 4/3 market, offering quality digital cameras with Leica lenses at recent prices. The latest cam to enter their offering is the new Lumix DMC-GF3.

The 12 megapixel ultra compact camera comes with a built in flash, multiple lens options including a 3D lens, touch enabled screen and will be available from retailers, starting this week, and will go for 599 USD. The camera comes in 5 colors, check out more info on it here.

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Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Technological advancements are at an all time high, with various companies releasing tablet style gadgets one after the other. On the contrary, the gaming industry is a little on the quiet side andNintendo is looking to breath new life into the competitive segment. The Nintendo Wii U combines the best of Nintendo Wii and NDS by giving the console ability to provide extra screen and control keys while connecting to the TV. It can also play games independently without the TV as well for portability. Internal flash card memory is adequate but there are also USB ports and SD memory card slots to increase its potential.

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Air Jordan V (5) – Black/Metallic Silver | Detailed Look

Air Jordan V (5) – Black/Metallic Silver | Detailed Look

It would already be a distant memory had it not been the game where Michael Jordan debuted his new signature at the time, the Air Jordan V. And though the MVP title of the 1990 NBA All-Star Game went to Magic Johnson instead, Jordan continue dominance of the game that season till the Playoff elimination by the Detroit Pistons further affirmed the popularity of these Air Jordan V. Now scheduled for a re-launch this August, the much anticipated model, with the addition of “23″ on its lateral side, is now available at Kicks-Lab. for an early purchase.

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Nike SB Koston One | Detailed Look

Nike SB Koston One | Detailed Look

Here is the most complete look at Nike Skateboarding‘s next pro-signature model, the Koston One. The shoe itself had its share of speculation and rumor ever since Eric Koston himself twit about it, the new design features many of the same Nike SB traits as others – clean streamlined design, vulcanized outsole, an updated tread patterns for grip, reinforced stress point for kicks and flips.  One particularly feature (and the one that got everyone talking about) is its removable Zoom Lunarlon insole. Could it translate to other Nike SB product designs in the near future? An interesting hypothesis for the time being. The Nike SB Koston One will be available in the coming months along with a Zoom Kobe VI “Black Mamba” inspired edition.

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