THRASHER’s Most Jaw-Dropping Skateboarding Pics of 2011

THRASHER’s Most Jaw-Dropping Skateboarding Pics of 2011

Thrasher got together with Wired Magazine to choose the most impressive skateboarding pics of 2011. With over 10′000 pictures posted in the print and online editions of the magazine in the last 12 months, you can imagine that the choice was not easy. We cannot choose our favorite of the bunch, they are all just amazing.

“The magazine runs more than 10,000 photos in its print and online editions each year, and damn near every one of them shows someone doing something bordering on insane. These are the 10 most jaw-dropping photos Thrasher published this year. They aren’t the best, in that the lighting or composition may not be perfect. But this isn’t about photography. It’s about skateboarding.

“It’s really more about the stunt being documented,” said Thrasher magazine creative director Kevin Convertito. “Sort of like shooting photos of car crashes.”

As Thrasher photo editor Michael Burnett would say, these are photos snapped when the skater was at his moment of “maximum rad.” And if every picture says 1,000 words, then the story here is of skaters pushing the limits of their sport in what Convertito calls “progression through focused aggression.”

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Frisco Summer 2011 Collection

Frisco Summer 2011 Collection

Frisco Store presents its inaugural clothing collection. For the summer of 2011 Frisco Store has ventured into doing their own clothing line. The collection consists of oxford shirts, dip dye flannels, blank t-shirts, hats and a cotton camo jacket. The store has been around for 5 years now and is mostly known for its boutique style assortment combined with a core mentality towards skateboarding. Modeled by the Frisco skate team, the store presents a nice line-up of items, combining high quality materials with little design twists in each garment. The collection is available now in their online store and in their retail location in Arnhem, Holland.

Check out the full lookbook after the jump.

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Tiger Woods Debut New Nike Prototype Golf Shoe For His Comeback

Tiger Woods Debut New Nike Prototype Golf Shoe For His Comeback

OK so maybe golf isn’t the most demanding sport when it comes to moving your feet, but don’t get it twisted, the shoes do make a difference when you are out there on the links. Plus if you’re Tiger Woods, why not have Nike whip up a signature shoe anyway? This new model comes with a NikeFree outsole with spikes attached for traction, a design borrowed from the Nike Special Forces Boot. Aside from that the shoe comes in a sleek black silhouette with the special “TW” logo on the tongue tag. Hit the jump for a full look at these and keep your eyes out for them when Tiger makes his return.

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Gourmet Fall 2011 “Lifestyling” Collection: Behind The Scenes

Gourmet Fall 2011 "Lifestyling" Collection- Behind The Scenes-04

For the Gourmet Fall 2011 Collection lookbook, the team traveled up to the Stonebrook Manor, Los Altos Hills, California.

Story: The background story for the shoot is a man obsessed, obsessed with Gourmet shoes. The book not only features the surroundings and environment of a highly educated man of taste, but if you look closely, in almost every room, the man has dozens and dozens and dozens of Gourmet shoes. So many in fact they do not fit in his closets. They are in his study, his bedroom, his maids quarters and his wine cellars. The concept was chosen to portray an aspirational vibe. One that shows Gourmet on the highest level.

In our gallery you will see a few highlight shots from the shoot giving us some shoe previews from the famed mansion. The Fall 2011 Collection will be releasing next month at a Gourmet retailer near you.

More images follow after the click.

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